Who We Are...

We are a group of people coming from different backgrounds in different fields, from fashion to retail, from industry to technology with international experience. Despite our different backgrounds what unites us is a common vision of how we can be useful to others through technology and the products and services derived from it.

The world of humanoid robotics is the technological frontier that has inspired mankind since ancient times trying to create machines in his own image that could help him in different situations of life. Never before has technology reached a level of advancement that allows not only the feasibility but also the marketing of products with these characteristics. It is in this context that the company Oversonic and our vision is inserted: to create a product with high technological content but at the same time usable for the needs of society, which then goes to assist human activity in particularly dangerous situations and low added value.

Oversonic proposes itself not only as a leading company in cognitive humanoid robotics, but as a reference platform in the national and international panorama for those who want to be protagonists in thinking and defining their future in a sustainable and social way. Being Oversonic (i) means to marry fully these values, doing it with the highest technological expression but at the same time with that touch of "Italianità" that characterizes us.

Fabio Puglia - Founder and Chairman

Paolo Denti - Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Tommaso Brusò - Partner and Chief Brand Officer

Giuseppe Gullo - Chief Technology Officer